The participants learn new insights into the design of modern furniture in terms of color, design language and materials, including their combination. They work in small working groups, in partner work and in self-study and can share their experiences and knowledge of colleagues on manufacturing processes and the programming of CAD and CNC programs.

The participants analyze the training and curricula of the participating countries and write customer-oriented job assignments, which were designed by the working groups and also produced with the use of CNC machines. Individual short sessions (e.g. CNC programming) are prepared by the different participants and taught didactically to the participants. The exchange of different mediation concepts among the European colleagues is an essential part of every project week.

The participants carry out practical work by first building small cardboard models. By constructing prototypes on the original scale, the proportions and dimensions of the furniture can be experienced. The final production takes place through the use of conventional standard machines and tools as well as through the programming and production of individual components with CNC machines.

European colleagues and the project weeks

The aim of the project is to improve the competence of teachers and trainers of carpenter apprentices with a focus on furniture design and modern CAD and CNC based planning and production.

24.09.2018 - 28.09.2018
12.11.2018 - 16.11.2018

04.02.2019 - 08.02.2019


18.03.2019 - 22.03.2019

11.11.2019 - 15.11.2019


20.01.2020 - 24.01.2020

20.05.2019 - 24.05.2019


30.09.2019 - 04.10.2019

08.03.2021 - 12.03.2021


17.05.2021 - 21.05.2021

Project furniture

Wall cabinet Tampere

blue yellow red lamp Lübeck

Newspaperboard Lübeck

Bank Lübeck

Communication table København

Reception desk København

Officeboard Colmar

CNC Tool cabinet Colmar

Wardrobe Stockholm

Wall of lining Stockholm

Laptop table Colmar

Stockholm Laptoptable