Transnational meeting for Erasmus+ project
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange
of good practices

Project No. 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005058

Project title: Furniture design and modern manufacturing in European context - development of key competences for trainer, teacher and joiner trainees.

Learning, teaching, training activity No.11 for Erasmus+ project in Stockholm


Blended mobility of VET Learners

Date: Monday, 08.03.2021 - Friday, 12.03.2021


Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



Virtual meeting, S:t Eriks gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden


Clarisse Dentand, Alan Simon, Matheo Muller, Hanne Hiertranta, Henry Kokko, Haher McGhie, Padideh Haghi, Miran Lantz, Fabian Melin, Katja Wernicke, Chantal Dechert.

Monday, 08.03.2021:

This first week of the Stockholm project started in a special way because the whole week is done in the countries of origin with occasional video meetings via software called TEAMS. The first morning meeting started at 9 a.m. and the students introduced themselves successively. Then Jonas presented the week's program to us by answering the various questions that there might be.


Then he told us about the specifications for the client that we call Customer contract. The theme of this week is the construction of a table used for the laptop computer because the actual situation is more towards teleworking. The students have also to design a lining of wall for a customer.

Around 10 a.m. the teacher and designer Arek and Lauri explained a little bit about the design principles and how the students should approach the sketching phase. They then answered the students' questions and then everyone go to work with the aim of showing the first sketches at 1 p.m. and explaining the sketches already made to the others.


Following the explanations Lauri and Arek gave a little new lead which allowed the students to continue the part of the sketches until the end of the day.

LTTA 11 Students programs:

On Tuesday morning we started the day again with a videoconference where the students showed the new sketches. Following this Arek and Lauri started them in the manufacture of 1/5 scale models which allows to have a better view of what can pose a problem.

Tuesday, 09.03.2021:

Wednesday, 10.03.2021:

On Wednesday morning we finished the presentation of the models and on the advice of our two designers the students started the manufacture of the prototypes.


At the beginning of the afternoon, we started to discuss in video conference the presentation of the advancement of the prototypes. And at the end of the conference the director of the Swedish establishment spoke to us saying that she really liked what the students had produced until now. Then everyone is back to work.

On Thursday morning, a new videoconference allowed everyone to show the progress of the prototypes. And then the day was dedicated to the end of the production of the prototypes.

Thursday, 11.03.2021:

Friday, 12.03.2021:

On Friday morning each country presented its prototype (s) explaining the different functionalities that they had to integrate. Arek and Lauri found that they worked very well and really enjoyed the different prototypes. Then each student was able to do the evaluation for the week. And at 12 o'clock everyone left the project.

Reports of Learning, Teaching, Training activities Stockholm from


08.03.2021 - 12.03.2021


17.05.2021 - 21.05.2021

Acquired skills for students:


Increase in competence in the field of analysis of customer orders. Basics of ergonomics, the design of small furniture, the formation of contrasts and the proportions of small furniture. Expansion of skills in the production of small models and prototypes from various materials such as MDF, multiplex or coated chipboard. Ability to discuss design and technical questions in English as well as verbal communication via a virtual platform. (MS Teams).

Then the models were modified to make real-size prototypes.

At the end of the afternoon, the students presented their new models.