Report of Learning, Teaching, Training activities 2 Tampere, Finnland

Transnational meeting for Erasmus+ project
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange
of good practices

Project No. 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005058

Project title: Furniture design and modern manufacturing in European context - development of key competences for trainer, teacher and joiner trainees.

Learning, teaching, training activity No.2 for Erasmus+ project in Tampere

Date: Monday, 12.11.2018 - Friday, 16.11.2018


Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



TREDU Hepolamminkatu 10, Building E Wood department TAMPERE


Astrid Persson, Pekka Pirttiniemi, Lauri Vartola, Pascal Michel, Jonas Carlqvist, Hans Janßen, Volker Claußen, Thorsten Schmaltz, Arkadiusz Kulon, Mikkel Roskjaer Andersen, Marie Cuogo, Ulli Fregin.


On the second day, the production work in the workshop will be continued. Roller shutter slats are milled on the table mill and the table legs are turned on the lathe. To work with the hand routers, the templates are first produced. Then the tabletops and the shelves for the hanging shelf are made. Solid wood panels made of oak are glued and then cut to a three-layer plate in circular form. The head of the school leads the group through the school library after lunch and we also visit the printing department of the school. In the afternoon, the production work on the three pieces of furniture in the wood workshop will be continued.

Monday, 12.11.2018:

Tuesday, 13.11.2018:

Wednesday, 14.11.2018:

On the morning of the third day we visit the workshop of the company KRAKRA, in which glasses are made of laminated veneer lumber in an original design. The managing director reports on problems with the material and on the production with a CNC machine.

Thereafter, work continues in the workshops of the school on the completion of the three furniture. At 17 o'clock we can finish with the production of the furniture.

Thursday, 15.11.2018:

For the fourth day, the coordinator of the school has organized a trip to the branch office of the school in Kuru, in which also a Slovene group participates. The head of the department gives an overview of the training programs for forestry workers and guides the group through the maintenance halls of the school. There, large forestry machines are maintained and repaired. On simulators, the group can practice the complicated operation of a forwarder and a harvester. In the late afternoon we visit the school's own sauna and drive back together to Tampere.

Friday, 16.11.2018:

On the fifth day, a self-evaluation will be conducted online. Afterwards, the program of the working week will be reflected in a discussion round. The individual groups present their furniture and the changes made during the week. Thereafter, all participants in the project group give a verbal assessment of the design of the individual furniture. All participants are very pleased about the completion of all three furniture and are enthusiastic about the design and the improvement of their own design skills. In the afternoon the project will be finished and the participants will inform each other about the following LTTA in Lübeck.

At the beginning of the work week, two focal points of the work were discussed:


  • Is it more important to optimize the design process or
  • is it better to produce the furniture?


The group agrees on the second point.


However, there have been some changes since the first LTTA that relate to materials, design elements, dimensions and designs. Afterwards, the head of the school informs us that the CNC machine has not been working for a week and that we need to do the manufacturing without this machine. The teacher presents the 3D program INVENTOR and after the presentation we start working in the wood workshop.


There are 3 production groups and one group changes the design of the coffee table again and develops a production plan.


  • All groups have completed a three-dimensional drawing and a production drawing with the materials and dimensions.
  • In the workshop, the materials are cut, the solid wood is planed and the coatings are cut to size and glued in the veneer press.

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24.09.2018 - 28.09.2018
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Acquired skills for trainers and teachers:


We got to know the basic functions of the 3D program Inventor. With their 3D programs, the participants can develop a 3D representation of the furniture and create a 2D drawing. Ability to manufacture triple-glued oak panels. Present the finished furniture to the entire group.