Transnational meeting for Erasmus+ project
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange
of good practices

Project No. 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005058

Project title: Furniture design and modern manufacturing in European context - development of key competences for trainer, teacher and joiner trainees.

Learning, teaching, training activity No.9 for Erasmus+ project in Stockholm

Date: Monday, 08.03.2021 - Friday, 12.03.2021


Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



Virtual meeting, S:t Eriks gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden


Marie Cuogo, Pekka Pirttiniemi, Matti Jokinen, Jonas Carlqvist, Christer Sjödin, Hans Janßen, Ulli Fregin, Arkadiusz Kulon, Pascal Michel, Eckhard Ackermann, Thorsten Schmaltz.

Monday, 08.03.2021:

The project week began with the presentation of the participants via the MS Teams platform. The Swedish colleague then presented the design tasks - designing a lining of wall and a wardrobe - and answered questions about the rest of the week. The participants arranged to meet twice a day online and the groups of trainers and teachers started drafting the projects.

In the afternoon the first drafts were presented and judged by the other participants. The two designers discussed some design details and the topic of contrasts was examined again.


On the second working day, the revised designs were redesigned in color and there was a controversial discussion about the division of the wall cladding in this room. In the afternoon some groups were able to start building small room models. Some groups made spatial perspectives using the techniques they had learned from vanishing point perspective and colored the drawings.

Tuesday, 09.03.2021:

Wednesday, 10.03.2021:

The models were presented via the platform and the participants were able to make a few small changes to the models. The models for the wardrobe could also be created and presented in the late afternoon.

A renewed presentation of all groups in the morning served to determine the materials, types of wood, colors and the division of dimensions for the wall cladding and for the wall wardrobe. One group made a perspective using Autodesk's Inventor program. In the afternoon the groups began to make the prototypes.

Thursday, 11.03.2021:

Friday, 12.03.2021:

The prototypes were completed in all locations and at 11 a.m. the groups in Stockholm, Tampere, Copenhagen, Colmar and Lübeck were able to present their prototypes and the 1:10 scale models again. All groups had made diverse and independent drafts, in which the preparatory work of the previous LTTA came into play with regard to the numerous skills acquired in the area of ​​furniture design and interior design projects.

Reports of Learning, Teaching, Training activities Stockholm from


08.03.2021 - 12.03.2021


17.05.2021 - 21.05.2021

Acquired skills for trainers and teachers:


Improvement of freehand sketching ability and the competence of implementing customers design ideas to the own sketches. Programming capability in the CAD 3D area with software Solidworks. Competent moderation of design process in the classroom with skilled advices for the students. Competence of making cardboard models and prototypes from solid wood, veneer plywood and thin MDF.