Transnational meeting for Erasmus+ project
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange
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Project No. 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005058

Project title: Furniture design and modern manufacturing in European context - development of key competences for trainer, teacher and joiner trainees.

Learning, teaching, training activity No.6 for Erasmus+ project in København

Date: Monday, 30.09.2019 - Friday, 04.10.2019


Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



NEXT Uddannelse København, Taebyvej 65 Rodovre


Pekka Pirttiniemi, Lauri Vartola, Matti Jokinen, Pascal Michel, Marie Cuogo, Hendrik Ahnfeldt, Jonas Carlqvist, Hans Janßen, Mahir Yenigün, Björn Siefke, Thorsten Schmaltz, Arkadiusz Kulon, Eckhard Ackermann.

Then we went to the workshop to start the work. There was a little floating because Kasper had to split between two groups, and manage all the CNC work that we were going to ask. We learned with Kasper how to make from of the drawing directly the CNC program.


Work continued as on Monday. For group No.3 the producing of tenon and mortices. In this context we learned to use a special machine for making chairs. For the group 2 gluing the last rounded piece and make the pieces from the top table.

Fortunately several pieces had been made by another school site for the chopsticks of the counter. So the first group started with the basic structure.

Monday, 30.09.2019:

Tuesday, 01.10.2019:

Wednesday, 02.10.2019:

Group 1 gluing the strips, continuing the structure and begin with the light system.

Thursday, 03.10.2019:

  • Group 1 continue to glue the strips and make the structure and glue the linoleum on the top.
  • Group 2 make the legs form and begin to sand the parts.
  • Group 3 continue to glue different pieces together.

Friday, 04.10.2019:

On Friday morning the final work was done and the three projects were on place for the desk and finish for the chair and the table.

On Monday morning we arrived around 9 a.m. at school. We met Kasper who would be our referent during the first two days. There was a quick presentation of the projects so that he would realize directly what they were.

Report of Learning, Teaching, Training activities 6 København, Denmark

In the afternoon we went to E-vaerk a factory that make modern furniture based on the ice looking, and also Viking ships made of glass and wood.

It was very interesting because we saw how they were working to give the piece the form in imaging the work of the water in the ice.

Everybody made the self evaluation and then we cleaned the workshop and discussed some preparation for the next LTTA in Colmar.

Acquired skills for trainers and teachers:


Learning how to make the detailed measurements for 2D drawings in Solid works and AutoCad, program CNC machine for the reception desk, making templates for the frames of the round table and to glue the veneer with 3 layers of veneer, using the domino machine and gluing the round table, pressing the wodden stripes for the reception desk in the veneer press, working in international teams and communicating in English language.

And the second group began with the rounded pieces of the feet. Making the several layers and the gluing form and glue the first two rounded pieces. And the wood preparation of the other projects.

And the third group began the wood preparation for the chair.

For the group 1 continuing the structure and begin the work on the CNC machine for the black MDF. Then they had to sand the pieces and wax them to stick the bars with the veneer press.

On Wednesday all the groups were busy and continued the preparation of the parts of the different projects.

Group 2 gluing the tree rounded pieces together making the template for the legs. And glue the linoleum on the top of the table boards.

Group 3 working on the chair pieces and sanding different parts, and begin the gluing work.

In the morning we continue working on the projects:

Reports of Learning, Teaching, Training activities København from


20.05.2019 - 24.05.2019
30.09.2019 - 04.10.2019