Learning, Teaching, Training activities for Erasmus+ Project in Tampere, Finnland

Task No. 1


Customers contract:

Design and produce a cabinet / shelf board with the following key creteria which could be used in a entrance area of a hotel room.


  • According to your product, at least two different designs with drawings, list of materials an production plan (only for the final design!).
  • Application of modern materials like stainless steel, mineral composit material (p.e. Corian) in combination with wood / wooden material.
  • Use metal fittings, such like concealed hinges, lift up or sliding fittings for doors or flaps.
  • Create corresponding to your final design for every component a CNC program.
  • Surface finish with oil or varnish in top quality.

Learning, Teaching, Training activities Project 

Task No. 2


Customers contract:

Couch table for hotel group.

For an international hotel company you have to design and produce couch tables for their lounges for 25 citties in Finnland. The custumers wants to have tables in solid wood (e.g.oak) and maybe a second material (no metall) is used for this table.


  • It has to have 2 levels (journals) and they want to have a light design with a steady construction.
  • The edges have to be rounded so there is no risk of injuries.
  • The design of he table has to go well with the couches oft he lounges (photo!!).
  • The maximum measurements are: 1400 x 800 x 550 mm.

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