Learning, Teaching, Training activities for Erasmus+ Project in København, Denmark

Task No. 1


Customers contract:


Reception table with two levels.


  • The furniture will stand in the front office at Tæbyvej.
  • The existing table top should be a part of the furniture.
  • The front, where the table is placed, should be closed.
  • It needs several shelfs and lockable cupboards.
  • The lamp, which indicates if the employee is available, must be fitted in.
  • The design must be similar to the design in the lobby in Nørrebro.

Learning, Teaching, Training activities Project

Task No. 2


Customers contract:

Table with 4 chairs.

  • The furniture must fit in the students office at Glostrup.
  • The furniture must be solid and comfortable.
  • Materials could be beech or ash.

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