Learning, Teaching, Training activities for Erasmus+ Project in Colmar, France

Task No. 1


Customers contract:


Design and manufacture of a tool cabinet for CNC tools with two workplaces for trainees. The tool cabinet has four mechanical pull-outs and two revolving doors equipped with dampers. The design should take up the existing colors of the machine, appear light and the table top should provide two workplaces for trainees.

Learning, Teaching, Training activities Project

Task No. 2


Customers contract:


Design and manufacture of seating and standing furniture for the workplace at the CNC machining center. This piece of furniture should enable good and comfortable work in a half-sitting and half-standing working position, be made from wood-based materials and have a low weight. In addition, the furniture should be easy to transport and have a light appearance in design.

Reports of Learning, Teaching, Training activities Colmar from


11.11.2019 - 15.11.2019
20.01.2020 - 24.01.2020

Task No. 3


Customers contract:


Good practice furniture by Lycee Blaise Pascal Colmar. Design and manufacturing of an office shelf for the school administration area. The shelf is to be designed and manufactured almost room-high in a modular design. The customer wants a colored paint and the subdivision for the format of file folders and A4-sized books and documents.